I’m going to be working on exploring random, small, and glimpsing conversations.

I hope it is worthwhile.




I saw Olson.

“The smell was like how soft feels. I think the reason its so nostalgic is because it is like some kinda now-defunct fabric softener or something. Oh shi-Ray,” Whuh?! “how are you doing? I’ll catch up with you later, Kris.”

Olson sat down across from me as I was slowly enjoying my soup. I jumped a bit when he called my name since I was sincerely and solemnly devoted to this fucking flavour exploration. I seriously have to take a minute to just talk about this soup: I was at Fogo, that little restaurant cafe thing. out on the patio. I was thinking of something sweet to eat, but, I kinda have been only chomping down on sweets lately, y’know? Ice cream three times a day as a snack and an eclaire for breakfast? I had to have something to savour. Sausage, potato, and spinach. Three words I’ve never heard in context to soup. At least in a long time, so I ordered it. They must make it in batches since it came so quickly, and damn was it some thick hearty soup. Fuck, we gotta go to Fogo together on a chilly day. Anyways, Olson, yeah, uhhh hm. Got it.

“Superman give you the day off?” I say as coolly as possible as he eyes around, waving his friend off. He laughs for a bit, giving it the whole five degrees or whatever, slapping his leg. He started pointing at me and saying things such as:¬†this girl over here right?, Man oh man what a kicker, Superman?! fucking roasted. He then stared blankly at me and said “What the fuck do you mean, Superman?”. I laughed a little while slurping up some soup “y’know Jimmy Olson, wait I think it might be spelled differently than your name.” A quick google shows: yeah, O-L-S-E-N. Whatever. “Y’know I don’t read comics, what did you expect?” I scoffed. “Expect? Expect?! I expect a little culture from my friends I haven’t spoken to in person for three years, Olsen. I expect in your pittance of a lifestyle, your perchance stumbled into becoming. at least a resemblance, of a weirdly knowledgeable ¬†person about stupid, ficticious garbage so you can be cool and popular like me!” I poked him a couple of times then broke into a fit of laughter as I sat down.


We talked a bit and then he looked at his phone, made some plans for that night at left.

I think he said something about cross-fit and working as a ‘digital-consultant’ for his dad.

Anyways, I discovered and watched an episode of Duckula a couple of hours ago, so it went well.

How was your day?


I saw Olson.